Special Collector’s Edition DVD – Limited Offer – £29 (plus p&p)

NB: This product will be on general release June 8th 2015

We are thrilled to be able to offer you an early opportunity to own a copy of ‘The Watchmaker’s Apprentice’.


In advance of us finalising a theatrical release date for the film next year, we wanted to give something back to those of you who have supported us, expressed continued interest and showed a wonderful enthusiasm for the project.

So, with the support of Justin and his team at Watchclub, we have put together this bespoke package for a very limited run of discs, with the festival cut of the film itself plus a number of exclusive, previously unseen featurettes and the first opportunity to own an audio CD of the beautiful soundtrack.

Please take a minute to check out Watchclub‘s superb range of pre-owned watches – from Patek Phillipe to Breguet to Rolex. Their beautiful store in London is also the home of Roger W Smith’s ‘GREAT Britain‘ timepiece, created especially for No.10 Downing Street’s campaign highlighting British craftsmen, engineering and industry.

The package includes:


(PAL*, All Regions)
*NB, ‘PAL’ is the UK and Europe standard format and may not play in some US DVD players. Please contact us before purchasing if you have questions or concerns about this. You can also find out more about formatting on this link. 

‘THE WATCHMAKER’S APPRENTICE”- Main Feature (Festival cut)


  • Workshop Tour’ – Roger W Smith guides us around George’s workshop, filmed exactly as it was left the day the legendary Watchmaker passed away
  • ‘Sold!’ – Celebrated auctioneer Lord Dalmeny speaks to us immediately after the thrilling sale at Sotheby’s of Daniels’ horological collection (including the famed Space Traveller pocket watch)
  • ‘Rising Star’ – Daniels’ biographer Michael Clerizo discusses the Great Watchmaker’s faith in his only apprentice
  • ‘The GREAT Britain’ – a short film produced by the documentary team for No.10 Downing Street about the unique wristwatch Roger was commissioned to design in 2013, celebrating Great British creativity, innovation and technology and which has set a new standard for British watchmaking.




Beautiful collection of music composed especially for the film, and including exclusive songs by celebrated international artists Davy Knowles and Christine Collister.


The package also includes:

  • 8 Page Booklet including foreword from Roger W Smith, behind the scenes stills from the documentary shoot, and short interviews with the film’s production team, giving intimate access into the making of the film and the team’s interactions with the extra-ordinary men who are the focus of it.
  • Postcard Series – stills and images from the film transformed into beautiful, exclusive postcards.

Please note: this is a very limited run of discs that is at present only available to those of you who have contacted us directly.

NB: This product will be on general release June 8th 2015

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